Kitesurfing is a perfect combination of surfing, paragliding and gymnastics. It’s exciting as you can travel at a speed of more than 40km/h on the water surface. The kite also generates immense but controllable lift where skilled riders can jump 30+ meters above water and glide through the ai Kitesurfing is also a highly sociable sports. After all, you’d need to be pretty open-minded to get into this sport in the first place…We help each other to launch/land the kite and make sure each other is safe on the water. It’s what makes the the sports unique and the kiting community friendly and welcoming. Choose between starting a 1- day introductory - discovery course or signing up for one of our full I.K.O Beginner Kitesurf Courses that are guaranteed to get you up and riding and come complete with the internationally recognized I.K.O kitesurfing syllabus. We offer a beginners kitesurfing introductory/discovery course which is aimed at people who are keen to explore what the sport is all about, but unsure if they want to commit to a full beginner’s course. This first session begins on the beach with a small non-inflatable trainer kite which is used to demonstrate the wind window and cover all the necessary flight theory. The trainer kite session will usually last for around 1 hour before the group breaks to examine the set up and inflation of the water kite as well as cover all the health and safety aspects of the equipment. From here it’s time to hit the water with a leading-edge inflatable tube kite and start to have fun learning to fly and control hooked in to the harness. By the end of the session, we aim to have all students comfortable with their first set of body drags and ready to move on through with the rest of the teaching syllabus. Upon completion of the Discovery Session and having enjoyed the experience, there is the option to up-grade into a full IKO beginners’ group course by attending a further 2, 3 or 4 sessions. Please note it is not necessary for a student to initially partake on the Discovery course and the option to enrol directly into a full IKO beginners’ group course without any prior kite flying or water sports experience is available.